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About Us

How We Started. Where We’re Going.

Hello. We're Good Idea Marketing.
7 years ago, our vision was born:
To grow local communities...
By building strong organizations,
And training tomorrow's leaders.
How do we do this?
By offering solutions to the problems small businesses face.
We build businesses...
Businesses build communities...
Communities build families.
That's Good Idea Marketing.

Why Here? Why Now?

Think for a minute about how important your job is. Your job, whether you like it or not, provides food, shelter, and entertainment. It allows you to live in prosperity and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Your job also enables your children to pursue their dreams. They’ll have quality education and will go on to college or another field of study and prepare to get a job of their own. Which will allow them to have the same prosperity you currently enjoy. 

Jobs are important, and that’s why we love to help small businesses grow. When they grow, they create jobs. Those jobs will play a major role in building a family’s security, and the communities strength.

That’s why we say we’re more than a marketing company. We’re community builders.

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Having ideas is the easy part. Having the right people to implement those ideas is how we achieve success for our clients.


Get Started For Free

Let’s start with an introduction. We meet you, you meet us, and together we’ll have a free initial consultation on your goals for growth in the near future. 

The only thing you have to lose is your waist line, because we’re bringing donuts.

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